"Superi, I absolutely love this series! And this book was no exception! The authors have me so deeply sank into this story that waiting for the next book has me anticipating the coming events of what is to happen next! This book told the story of the people in Superi coming together as one. They are learning to trust and work together as a unit to save themselves and their planet! This book left me hanging on a major cliff hanger! I most certainly desire to know what it is that fate will bestow on the group of people I have become to love! This is one of the best series I have read in a long time! I rate this book with FIVE STARS!
Amanda Tharp, The Magic of Books, 11-13-2016

"Twisted is quite possibly the best book of poetry I've ever had the pleasure of devouring. The words are raw. They're real. And while it's not for the heart and rainbow types, for those of us that can relate, its pages are filled with undeniable beauty."

Brandon Voelker, Reader, -2016-

"...a very entertaining book in the good old-fashioned, Olde-Worlde fantasy vein, combined with elements of the teenage superhero genre – think part “Lord of the Rings”, part “X-Men”, then throw in a touch of “Cloud Atlas” for the sci-fi aspect.  Like most old-style fantasy, it glories in its ultra-violence, and is at times brutal – and, of course, this all adds to the fun, which this book very much is.  The story is archetypal: an action-packed tale of a band of brothers, led by a battle-hardened warrior to rescue his daughter – a quest which leads them right into the path of a powerful, maniacal arch-villain and mortal enemy.  The ingredients are all there for an exciting portion of high-level treachery, swashbuckling scoundrels, super-powered mutants and fantastical sea monsters; in its backstory, a subtext of angeli and gods.  Set on a planet inhabited by four diverse species of monopod, all sharing a common tongue, though some feral, the scene is set for great entertainment - and I have to say, Clint Thurmon delivers.
Matt McAvoy, Reviewer, June 2017

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